Vista Mehr Negar company, is the exclusive representative in PRONOVA sensing equipments, water and soil.

These equipments are produced using Solid-state technology, widely used in monitoring drinking water, surface water and so on.

In addition to the water industry for applications in the agricultural, pharmaceutical and food industry has many applications.

  1.        Ion selective electrodes
  2.        Gas sensitive electrodes
  3.        Conductivity measuring cells
  4.        PH measuring systems
  5.        Portable liquid measurements
  6.        Stationary liquid measurements (Indoor & Outdoor)

1-      Ion selective electrodes

The ammonium selective electrode is a matrix membrane electrode with a fluid contact. The flexible ammonium selective membrane is made from a special ion exchanger who is dissolved in an organic solvent and embedded into a PVC matrix.

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NH4+: 0,2 to 18,000 mg/l        

Br: 0,5 to 79,000 mg/l            

Ca2+: 0,1 to 40,000 mg/l          

Cl: 1 to 35,000 mg/l                           

CN: 0,03 to 2,600 mg/           

F: 0,02 to 20,000 mg/            

K+: 0,4 to 39,100 mg/l

J: 0,1 to10,000 mg/l 

Cu2+: 0,1 to 6000 mg/l                         

Na+: 5 to 20,000 mg/l 

NO3: 0,4 to 60,000 mg/l         

Ag+: 0,1 to 10,000 mg/l

S2-: 0,03 to 3,200 mg/l

Ion sensitive electrodes


2-      Gas sensitive electrodes

For determining the amount of dissolved oxygen (using the Clark principle) or carbon dioxide (using the Severinghaus principle) in water: regardless of colouring, turbidity and flow rate.


O2 electrode

Measurementrange:    0.1to20mg/l,0to200%saturationlev

Measuringprinciple:                       CLARK





CO2 electrode

Measurementrange:                                    0to3,000mg/l

Measuringprinciple:                                    Severinghaus


3-      Conductivity measuring cells

Conductive two- or four-electrode cells for measuring the electrolytic conductivity of the solution (the salt content).


2-electrode conductivity cell

Measurementrange:                       20mS/cm


4-electrode conductivity cell

Measurementrange:                       200mS/cm


4-      PH measuring systems

Vista Mehr Negar PH Measuring Equipment products,are PRONOVA and Stelzner journalist for portable and handheld usability to be useful in labratoary and environment.



for measuring pH either directly on-site in the soil or in the lab to form of portable


Measurement range:

0 to 14




± 0.02


Liquid crystal display

Operating temperature:

+5 to +45 °C

Power supply:

One nine-volt battery,
size 6LR61

Service life:

approx. 100 hours

Protection degree:


Dimensions and weight:

125 x 75 x 45 mm, 190 g

Dimensions and weight with case: 

370 x 290 x 90 mm,
approx. 3.0 kg




PH 205

The manual system can be directly used for the measurement of pH and temperature. Lightness and portability makes its application useful in the measurement of pH and temperature of small objects. Operating temperature is up to 50 ° C.




Measurement range:

pH: 0 to 14

Temperature: 0 to +60


pH: 0.01

Temperature: 0.1 °C


pH: ±0.02

Temperature: ±0.4 °C


two-character illuminated LCD display

Operating temperature:

 During operations: 0 to +50 °C

Storage: −20 to +70 °C

Power supply:

4 LR44 button-cell batteries

Run time:

approx. 80 h

Protection class:


Dimensions and weight:

145 x 38 x 167 mm, 215 g

Dimensions and weight with case:

400 x 320 x 90 mm, 2.7 kg



PH ep4

The pH/T pocket tester is designed for taking simple and speedy pH measurements in liquids and features automatic temperature compensation. The tester is housed in a waterproof enclosure and features a double display and battery-charge meter (so you can avoid taking bad measurements with a weak battery). The tester also enables electrodes to be swapped in seconds. Additional features include a stability indicator for reading measured values, automatic shut-off, automatic calibration (single or double point), and a HOLD function for freezing measured values.


PHep4 PH-ep4


PH 600

Pocket system is very cheap for quick measurements.


PH600 PH600


Additional information see the product catalog .


5-      Portable liquid measurements

These measuring devices  offer  the  advantages of a mobile field unit together with the precision and comfort of a laboratory instrument: with high measurement accuracy, a multifunction graphic display, integrated data logger and heavy-duty IP65 housing. The important GLP functions – such as date/time, primary measured value, secondary measured value (including the physical units), tem- perature and device number – are transmitted and recorded in the data file.

Measures pH, redox, ion concentrations, conductivity and dissolved gases.


6-      Stationary liquid measurements (Indoor & Outdoor)

 Single-channel measuring transducer


The MV 50XX series of measuring transducers is perfect for taking stationary measurements directly at the measuring point in the open field. The measuring transducer is simple and intuitive to use. It also maintains the essential functionality with maximum operational reliability and safety. Each MV 50XX features a large OLED display and plain-text menu navigation. The software also enables you to configure, calibrate, view and record measured values at your PC using a standard USB port.

Areas of use:

- Water treatment

- Water-quality monitoring systems

- Process monitoring

- Process control

Special features:

- Cost-effective measurement of process


- Easy to use (plain text menus)

- Simultaneous temperature measurements and


- 2 scalable analogue outputs and 2 relay outputs

- USB interface and PC software

- Firmware update via USB

- IP65 field housing


Parameters:                 max. of16: pH, redox,conductivity, CO2,O2,ISE(NH4,NO3,K,Cl,F,etc.)


Multi-parameter measuring system


The KM3000 multi parameter controller has a modular bus structure; it provides excellent functionality, maximum operational reliability, outstanding ease, and a wide range of customized configuration options. The KM3000 offers a  complete system solution for any application where multi pleparameters need to be detected on-line, and where these measurements need to be transmitted and evaluated very reliably. It also is capable of documenting and controlling processes.

Parameter:         1x e.g. pH, ORP,conductivity, O2, ISE(NH4, NO3 ,Cl, F, K etc.)


Display: 5.7“ touchscreen


Data logger: Approx. 100,000 parameter sets


Analogue outputs: 4 x 0(4) to 20 mA


Relay outputs: 4 x potential-free outputs, max. 3 A, 250 VAC


Interface: USB, RS285, RS485


Power supply: 115/230 VAC, 48 to 63 Hz or 15 to 30 VAC/DC


Housing: Wall mount, in aluminium


Protection degree: IP65 (EN 60529)


Dimensions: 240 x 240 x 120 mm


ISE-Transmitter M V 4016

The transmitter series is ideally suited for continuous measurement of one or more parameters. It is characterised by a high degree of flexibility and simple handling. Calibrations can be carried out directly on the transmitter. An additional display on the MV4016 simplifies measuring value checks, calibrations and transforms each transmitter into a stand-alone measuring instrument.

Components:        1 x e.g. pH, ORP, conductivity, O2, ISE  (NH4, NO3, Cl, F, K etc.)

Display:           LCD

Analogue outputs:        2 x 0(4) to 20 mA or 0 to 5 VDC

Controller output:         1x limit contact NOC  max.125 VAC, 60 VDC, 30 VA

Interface:        USB

Power supply:       15 to 24 VAC/DC, approx. 1.5 VA

Housing:               Plastic housing for mounting on rail tracksDIN EN 50022-35

Protection class:  IP 40 (EN 60529)

Dimensions:    45 x 99 x 114,5 mm


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