One of the major applications that we can provide effective solution is different Laboratories. Some samples are as follows:

•    Temperatures & Humidity data logging of stove, incubators, climatic chambers, wall mounted temperature & humidity
•    Temperature & Humidity Data logger for rooms, refrigerated transport of pharmaceutical goods, organs, blood,     
•    Refrigerator/oven periodic certification by multipoint temperature analysis. It permit the analysis of several different places ( front door, back, top, ..) of oven or refrigerator.     
•    Differential pressure in laminar flow hood for HEPA filter efficiency analysis process
•    Classification of flow hood by Air Speed measurement. To measure between 0,4 m/sec to <0,85 m/sec Normative UNI EN 14175, UNI EN 12469,     
•    Measure the radiation effective for damages caused by blue light (curve B (lambda) according to the standards ACGIH / ICNIRP) in the spectral range from 380nm to 550nm.Bilirubins for neonatal incubators     
•    Differential pressure in operating rooms, pharma clean rooms, chemicals, laboratories, pharmaceutical “white” chamber, etc     
•    Psoriasis light treatment by UVB lamps
•    Chemical-physical laboratory, water analysis pH, ORP, Turbidity, Oxygen, TDS, Conductivity ...
•    Water and Air Sterilization by UV lamps     
•    Diaphanoscop, X Ray plates reader
Laboratory Internal Heat Stress and Air Quality, Heat stress , WBGT Periodic analysis of room comfort.
•    Indoor Air Quality permitting automatic ventilation rate by CO2 analysis correlate to the real presence of people in the rooms

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