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ENOTEC GmbH was established by Fred Gumprecht in Gummersbach, Germany in 1980. Prior to the establishment, Mr. Gumprecht represented Westinghouse Electric for five years, selling the Westinghouse InSitu oxygen analyzer, model 218.
Since1986 ENOTEC have produced self developed oxygen analyzer based on zirconium oxide (ZrO2) technology. The relocation of the head office and factory to Marienheide, took place in 1989. The product range expanded ever more over time, so that ENOTEC is today your competent partner for all ranges of emission and process analyzing applications.
Over the years, subsidiaries were founded in the United Kingdom, USA and in Singapore. These subsidiaries and numerous distributors and agents worldwide, guarantee technical expertise, regional knowledge, and competent support to solve all your analysis problems, worldwide.
ENOTEC has not only limited itself to the development and production of gas analyzer. ENOTEC is also globally renowned for planning and execution of emission and process measuring technology. In this regard, our systems range from a single probe of our own production, to individually designed systems, consisting of our own analysers combined with products from well known and proven producers, through to ready-for-use emission and process projects, all built completely to your specifications.
Continuous training and experience of over 30 years, enable our engineers and technicians to advise you expertly and reliably in all questions relating to analyser technology.

Vista Mehr is the representative of Enotec company in Iran for sales and after sales support and services.

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