1.    Gas analysis: Control of DeNOx systems ( Measuring the NOx concentration before and after the removal of nitrogen at a large power plant in order to control the DeNOx system. The DeNOx system is in front of the de-sulphurisation system in the high dust-level area. The analysis system is complemented with a laser-optical system for in situ measurement of ammonia (NH3) and water vapor H2O.

2.    Gas analysis: Chimney flue CO and NOx monitoring

Two-way CO and NOx monitoring of catalytically cleaned exhaust gases from a combined heating and power station. The exhaust gases are used for providing CO2 to fertilize a neighboring greenhouse.


3.    Gas analysis: Process gas
Continual LEL monitoring of a process furnace for the combustible gases methanol CH3OH, methane CH4, hydrogen H2 and carbon monoxide CO. The system is designed to be installed outdoors for the chemical industry.

4.    Gas analysis: Medical technology / hand-held device to check the oxygen concentration (OEM)
Hand-held device for checking the oxygen concentration in medical gas supply equipments. Can be used in hospitals, medical gas system installation firms, medial gas manufacturers and maintenance companies.

Biogas Analysis:

1.    Biogas analysis: Analysis of biogas at an agricultural bio-recycling plant
Continuous measurement of methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen and hydrogen sulphide at eight different measuring locations. Hydrogen sulphide is measured using UV spectroscopy. Analysis system for 8 measuring locations with gas warning system monitor 1000 for analysis cabinet monitoring.


2.    Biogas analysis: Analysis of biogas and sewage gas
Biogas analyser for outdoor installation
•    Integration gas analyser SSM 6000 (see data sheet) for monitoring and registration of gases from biogas plants, wastewater treatment plants and landfills
•    Measurement of the methane, hydrogen sulfide and optionally the oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen concentration
•    High accuracy and stability by proCAL
•    Calibration with test gas earlier than one year
•    Gas preparation with various filter systems and optional sample gas cooler
•    Wall-mounted enclosure for outdoor installation
•    Optional housing heating
proCAL and automatic calibration
The proCAL method developed by PRONOVA enables even greater long-term stability for methane and carbon dioxide measurements. Thanks to additional automatic one-point calibration of all other measuring channels, the SSM 6000 is setting new standards in long-term stability.




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