Vista MehrNegar started its business from 2010 with a team of experienced Computer and Electronic engineers with the goal of providing total IT and Indusrtial Automation solutions. With this active high skilled team, the company was able to gain a good reputation in the country. This made the possibility of the growth of the company up to today, which there are 30 part time and 12 full time personnel working in Vista Mehr.
Our goal has always been to have the Satisfaction of our Customer, be responsive and have tried our best to gain this goal.
Respecting the customers, the competitors and our staff, respecting professional manners in business, understanding the need of the market and being in line with the new technologies are the bonds between the management and our team, and has been the basic reason for the company success.
Our guidelines for moving toward providing better services and customer satisfaction are as follows:

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 Our Mission,Is to Provide high level Technical support and consultancy and to Implement full Integrated Projects with best time and price.
The activities of the company have been in the following fields; Design and Implementation of full integrated projects in different industries for online environmental monitoring and control systems.
VistaMehr is representing well-known brands, and provide high-level technical support, services, maintenance and Training.
Providing free of charge Consultancy is our first step to take toward any customer.

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(+9821) 22064015
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