Poultry farming is an important field in the agricultural industry. Each year, over 50 billion chickens and chicken eggs are consumed worldwide. Since poultry farming is a delicate process, it is crucial to have effective equipment’s to ensure the process of inspecting chicken feed and eggs, and the overall sanitizing procedure are done properly and efficiently.
The same is with the Fish farming Industry.

•    Automatic actuators according to luminosity and radiation in greenhouses     
•    Air speed and Humidity in greenhouses to avoid or control evaporation and irrigation     
•    Automatic Ventilation and automatic Air Change in poultry industry by CO2 measurement     
•    Automatic irrigation according to solar radiation
•    Photosynthesis Activity Radiation (PAR) measure, Langley radiation measurement     
•    Compost temperature     
•    Water Activity in granulate
•    Leaf Wetness     
•    Soil Moisture and Temperature     
•    Greenhouses management
•    Aquaculture Fish Farm     
•    Soil analysis
•    Agriculture Weather Station     Depending of sensors combination it could be specific for Wine, Hortalize, Fruit, ... helping the Agronomist in take decisions ( chemicals spry, irrigation,...)
•    Temperature and humidity datalogging and control Canteens/Wherehouses     
•    Pasteurization by UVC lamps     
•    Air Sterilization by UVC lamps     
•    Food Kitchen
(ex. Sugar cooking temperature 160 ° C); Wine Fermentation temperature     
•    Oven temperature profile     
•    Refrigerator temperature profile     
•    Refrigerated transport,
Cold chain,
HACCP Regulations,
Stock Management & Control, Refrigerated warehouses     
•    Beverage Electrochemistry analysis
(bier, refreshments, water, milk, yogurt, vine, etc..)     pH, TDS, Dissolved Oxygen and Turbidity

•    Oil-in-Water
•    Phosphate
•    Propylene Glycol
•    Silica
•    Sodium Ion

We at Vista Mehr, as representatives of Delta Ohm, GHM and Waltron are able to fulfill all the above-mentioned measurements, both with Online and Portable Instruments.
For more details of the list of sensors and systems please go to Products, Water analysis on this website or contact our experts.
•    Heavy metals
•    Nitrate
•    Orthophosphates
•    Pesticides
•    Surfactants

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