One of our main goals is to provide a full set of sensors and systems for Water Analysis and Chemistry, to fulfill the requirement of many Industries.

The parameters for water quality are determined by the intended use. Work in the area of water quality tends to be focused on water that is treated for human consumption, industrial use, or in the environment.

The complexity of water quality as a subject is reflected in the many types of measurements of water quality indicators. The most accurate measurements of water quality are made on-site, because water exists in equilibrium with its surroundings. Measurements commonly made on-site and in direct contact with the water source in question include temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, oxygen reduction potential (ORP), turbidity,…

Physical indicators
•    Water Temperature
•    Specifics Conductance or EC, Electrical Conductance, Conductivity
•    Total suspended solids (TSS)
•    Transparency or Turbidity
•    Total dissolved solids (TDS)
•    Odour of water
•    Color of water
•    Taste of water

Chemical indicators[
•    pH
•    Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD)
•    Chemical oxygen demand (COD)
•    Dissolved oxygen (DO)
•    Total hardness (TH)
•    Ammonia
•    Copper
•    Dissolved Hydrogen
•    Dissolved Oxygen
•    Ethylene Glycol
•    Hardness Hydrazine
•    Iron
•    Nitrate
•    Oil-in-Water
•    Phosphate
•    Propylene Glycol
•    Silica
•    Sodium Ion

 At Vista Mehr we as representatives of Delta Ohm, GHM and Waltron are able to fulfill all the above-mentioned measurements, both with Online and Portable Instruments.
For more details of the list of sensors and systems please go to Products, Water analysis on this website or contact our experts.
•    Heavy metals
•    Nitrate
•    Orthophosphates
•    Pesticides
•    Surfactants

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