The medical industry has many complex and strict environmental control processes for temperature, humidity, and other conditions. A fully automated monitoring system helps healthcare organizations ensure quality control and regulatory compliance. We specialize in monitoring environmental conditions at the following facilities:

•    Pharmacies
•    IVF Facilities

•    Hospital Refrigerators & Freezers    
•    Laboratories

•    Blood Banks & Repositories
•    DNA/Forensic Laboratories

•    Vaccine Storage
•    Healthcare Clinics

Additionally, our monitoring systems are used in the refrigeration/freezer units for medical storage.
Our systems provide controlling systems for healthcare and biopharmaceutical companies to ensure quality control during production, transportation, and storage. Most regulations require around-the-clock monitoring at a short time interval, with readings by calibrated sensors.
 Healthcare organizations can improve operational efficiency and quality control with timely access to environmental logs, integrated reports and actionable alerts.
Our wireless Data loggers helps to provide new systems to the hospitals and laboratories with out any need for infrastructure and cabling.
•    Diaphanoscop, X Ray plates reader
•    Hospital Internal Heat Stress and Air Quality
•    Heat stress , WBGT
•    Indoor Air Quality permitting automatic ventilation rate by CO2 analysis correlate to the real presence of people in the rooms

Our services and features include:
•    Real-Time Alerts via email, text, and automated phone calls
•    Corrective Action Notation and Incident Reporting
•    Battery Backup
•    Audit Logs for Inspections
•    Calibration of sensors
•    Extended Log Storage
•    Fully compliant with FDA and many others
•    Custom probes and sensors upon request

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