We can provide, Automate pharmacy temperature monitoring and eliminate manual checks, Receive timely alerts by email, text message, and automated phone call
Pharmaceutical drugs and other pharmacy suppliers must be stored in tightly controlled environments. The Board of Pharmacy and other regulatory entities may penalize pharmacies that fail to continuously monitor temperature and relative humidity, and may even apply additional penalties for inadequate or disorganized record keeping. Pharmacies should be aware that HVAC failures, human error, and power outages are the most common issues that lead to monitoring failures. Luckily, modern monitoring technology accounts for those common issues, and newer systems are designed to provide environmental visibility and actionable insights for pharmacy managers, stores, and chains.

Our services and features include:

•    Real-Time Alerts via email, text, and automated phone calls
•    Corrective Action Notation and Incident Reporting
•    Battery Backup
•    Logs for Inspections
•    Calibration
•    Extended Log Storage
•    Fully compliant with FDA and many others
•    Custom probes and sensors upon request

Sample of usage are as follows:

•    Temperatures & Humidity data logging of stove, incubators, climatic chambers,
•    Temperature & Humidity Data logger for rooms, refrigerated transport of pharmaceutical goods, organs, blood,
•    Refrigerator/oven periodic certification by multipoint temperature analysis. It permit the analysis of several different places ( front door, back, top, ..) of oven or refrigerator.
•    Differential pressure in laminar flow hood for HEPA filter efficiency analysis
•    Differential pressure in operating rooms, pharma clean rooms, chemicals, laboratories, pharmaceutical “white” chamber, etc
•    Psoriasis light treatment by UVB lamps
•    Chemical-physical laboratory, water analysis
•    Water and Air Sterilization by UV lamps

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