RS232/485/422 toFiber Optic Converter

Model:MODEL277Introduction:Model277 is one kind can offer RS-232/485/422 serial port carry transparent optical fiber modem of transmission to get end to user, no need patch cords set up, switch over automatically, and can detect and examine the signal speed automatically, zero delays time to transmit automatically. Model277 adopt optic fiber transmit, have isolate protection, data privacy is fine, working steady, data, such threats to communication equipment as the wave is welled up and interfered with electromagnetically that the effective one has prevented the abominable environment from being struck by lightning, can work in the abominable and dangerous environment reliably.Can be used in occasions such as various industrial control, course controlling, traffic controlling and intellectual district , especially suit the bank, electricity and interfering with environment department and system with the special requirement electromagnetically.

  • 1. Extend RS-232/485/422 transmission up to 120Km with single-mode
  • 2. Transmit asynchronously, point to point, speed reach 500Kbps
  • 3. Examine signal speed automatically, zero delay time
  • 4. Plug-and-Play(hot-pluggable, data format auto-sensing & self-adjusting)
  • 5. Support RS-232/485/422 interface type, but only one RS-232/ RS-485/ RS-422 port can be connected at a given time
  • 6. 9~36VDC power supply input(2 bit terminal block)

  • RS-232/485/422
  • Standards: EIA RS-232C, RS-485, RS422 standard
  • RS-232 signal: OUT(TX), IN(RX), GND
  • RS-422 signal: T+, T-, R+, R-, GND
  • RS-485 signal: D+, D-, GND
  • Working mode: Asynchronism, point to point or multi point, 2 wire half-duplex,4 wire full duplex
  • Baud rate:0~115.2Kbps, auto test serial signal rate detect signal speed automatically, zero delay time
  • Transfer distance: RS-485/422 side:1.2Km(9600bps)
  • RS-232 side: no less than 5m
  • Max number of drops: 128 nodes(RS-485/422)
  • Port protect: 600W surge protection
  • 15KV ESD protection
  • Fiber Optic
  • Connectors: SC, FC or ST, optional
  • Fiber optic cables: Single Mode:8.3/125,8.7/125,9/125 or 10/125 um
  • Muti-Mode:50/125,62.5/125 or 100/125 um
  • Transmission: 20, 40,60,80,100, 120km(SM),
  • 2km(MM) optional
  • Wavelength:850nm,1310nm,1550nm
  • Power
  • Power input: 9~36VDC power input(2 bit terminal block)
  • Consumption: 120mA
  • Environment
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  • Storage temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  • Humidity: 5% to 95%(no condensation)
  • Appearance
  • Dimensions: 100.0mm×69.0mm×22.0mm
  • Material: Iron(shell)
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 230g
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Approvals: FCC, CE, RoHS approvals

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