We can provide turnkey systems for wind-resource assessment and power performance from the best known brands in the world. These systems have a wide range of options for measuring wind speed, wind direction, air density, and electric power. Real-time or interval data are stored locally on the data logger, and can be transmitted via all standard communication methods.

Also many Sensors and Systems are provided that can be used for Optimization of new energies such as Solar Energy production.

•    Photovoltaic Panel efficiency control to be connected to any Inverter or Solar efficiency data logger
•    Private/Home Photovoltaic Panel efficiency control
•    Solar panel temperature sensor and transmitter (analog or MODBUS output),for solar panel performance evaluation in high temperature ( almost 60°C)
•    Solar Panel Temperature PT100 sensor
•    Profiles of "productivity" of central areas for solar/wind by portable meters
•    Solar Tracker photovoltaic productivity performance measurement
•    Low Cost/Manual “solar tracker”, I class or II class,
•    Manual ring periodic set
•    Solar tracker safety against high speed wind especially for Photovotaic Solar Tracker
•    Air temperature
•    Sunshine Duration meter Eliophanometer (Solar Duration)
•    Complete Solar Weather Station and Wind Weather Station to mapping the territories where install Green Energy Plants (usually 6/12 month)
For the wind farms and wind turbine industry, with the best solutions provided by ZephIR Company, we can provide the most effective systems.
Hub height wind measurement reduces the risk of and increases the value of wind energy products.

ZephIR Lidar provides hub height and turbine mounted wind measurements for wind energy and meteorological applications onshore and offshore with leading wind Lidar products, ZephIR 300 and ZephIR DM.

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