One of our major specialties is in the Food Industry with special Hygiene equipment’s.
 We provide highly reliable and standard products for this application.

Food safety is an important issue. Therefore all measuring devices used for food production have to be not only precise and reliable but must also fulfill the highest hygienic standards.
The GMH Messtechnik and Delta Ohm is a full-range supplier in this area.

•    GHMadapt processconnection
•    Temperature
•    Magnetic Inductive Flow
•    Flow Calorimetric
•    Point Level Capacitive
•    Point Level Conductive
•    Level calorimetry

The products we propose from our partner companies, which are Delta Ohm and GHM, satisfy the special requirements of the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries to the furthest possible extent. The main specialty is as follows:

• Hygienic design for cleaning and sterilization processes
• CIP / SIP compatible measurement technology
• Stainless steel sensors
• FDA-compliant materials
• EHEDG certifications or 3A approval
• Protection rating IP67 / IP69K

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