In the Transportation either on Land, sea or Air understanding the condition is highly important for the safety of transportation.

We can provide different systems and sensors for the measurement of the Wind speed and direction, Temperature, pressure and….to fulfill this requirement.

We can provide solutions to be used in:

•    Crane and bridge safety     
•    Highway Rain detector for speed reduction indication     
•    Measuring the "veil equivalent" of road tunnels to manage internal tunnel lightining     
•    Road light sensor     Lux, Lum2
•    Road conditions sensors Temperature, humidity, frozen, wet, dry, wind,...see “Weather Station”
(mathematical calculation it could indicate Frozen risk)
•    Concrete "maturity" profile(+5 -40°C in concrete casting to avoid cracking after solidification)     
•    Weather control and possible closure
(Ports, Bridges, Airports, Highways, Cableways.)

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