HVAC is responsible for more than 30% of all electricity consumed in industrial and commercial sectors, with the motors that drive compressors, pumps and fans accounting for more than 98% of that energy. Controlling the HAVC system with different sensors can have a huge effect on the systems.

For this reason with a low investment for the measurement and control of parameters such as Tempreture, Humidity, pressure,…   there can be a huge effect on the reduction of cost.

Sample of our experience in HAVC industry with our sensors and systems are as follows:

•    Air conditioning,
Heating ,
Air filtration,
Calculation of outdoor air exchange, Evaluating the frequency of renewal of air, Airflow Duct control,
•    Actuators (Ventilation Rate),
Calculation of the percentages of outside air admission (% Outside Air),
Supervision of climate in electrical cupboard
•    Air Sterilization by UVC lamps
•    Differential pressure smoking rooms
•    Air Filter quality performance evaluation
•    Evaluation of IAQ (CO2) as reference ASHRAE 62.1- 2004 and BMI in public centers for air exchange: Museums, Gym, Auditorium, Cinema, Sick building analysis, Sick Building Syndrome
•    Lighting Control of emergency exits, Automatic Window regulation
•    Air compressed pipeline to avoid wetness/musk/frozen risk and to manage dryer (Dew Point)
•    Outdoor Air Monitoring connected to the building Ethernet/MODBUS network
•    Absolute Humidity sensor used to control a dehumidifier (British Standard BS 1339)
•    Freezing chamber, Refrigeration,

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