AQUATEC® H2O analyzer

Control of drying processes thanks to intelligent water vapour measurement


The drying of a product is an energy intensive part of its production, irrespective of whether for instance gipsum or tobacco leaves are being dried. A quick and reliable measurement of the drying progress reduces the drying time considerably and therefore enables the optimisation of energy usage.
Because of its InSitu measurement procedure, the AQUATEC 1000 analyzer is superior to systems with extractive measurement in terms of speed. The reliability of the ENSITU H2O sensor has been proven through worldwide countless applications.


The AQUATEC 2000 is for measurement of moisture and oxygen in flue gases or other non-combustible gases of all kinds. The measuring system consists of two serially installed, tried and proven ENSITU gas sensors, in use the world over. The moist gas measured by the first probe is extracted, processed in the analyzer cabinet (dried) and then fed to the second probe as a dry gas. The values measured by the two probes are compared and evaluated by the electronic unit with its high range of functions.
The analyzer cabinet of the AQUATEC 2000 provides a maximum in flexibility and expansion possibilities. Depending on the required tasks, e.g. a multi component analyser with a NDIR measuring principle for measuring gas components according BImSchV or other capabilities can be additionally installed.

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